*Dusts Off Cobwebs*

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve been a bit busy these last few weeks since I started back at college on a First Diploma in Animal Care. I like the course, and apart from a few gripes with my classmates I’m pretty happy. I’m lucky enough to be in a group with my best friend (who was on the same course as me last year) and someone else from my last course and I’ve also met two really awesome people.

A little while ago I won a raffle on http://okazu.latenightboredom.com/ and after waiting an age and thinking that my winnings were lost in the post I found this lovley little package:

I especially love the Dango eraser it’s soo cute ^^

Art wise I haven’t really done much latley due to college, I have a trade to work on which I’ve gotten stuck on the background and also I have a sketched up new reference for my fursona which I need to work on but I did finish this trade with RiderlessDiamond on MLPArena/DeviantART I’m pretty proud of it. 😀

(The full sized version is on my DeviantART page)

Well I’d better go, I need to work on a college assignment about animal accomodation but before I go…
Everybody Konga!
moar funny pictures


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