Two Posts in One Month!

Wow, two updates in a month aren’t you guys lucky 😛

I’ve been quite busy these last few weeks and have just really been in the mood for ‘going to my roots’ and doing fantasy stuff. When I was a wee noobish child of about 11 or so I was really into elves and stuff (I think LOTR movies had something to do with that) and well I’ve had some very long lunchbreaks at college so what’s better than drawing?
I am thinking that the batwinged girl and the wolf mage may become characters
Random elf warroir I drew whilst in the library
Coloured pic from my last sketchdump it’s Suha my Assassin’s Creed character who I’m still working on a bit
On the theme of Assassin’s Creed here’s something based off an inside joke with my best friend essentially she likes Altair and Ezio (me too, *shameless fangirling*) so I said I’d get them for her birthday. Ezio was easy enough to catch, Altair is a bit difficult though XD
And to cap this big post off two requests I finished for Lucky4LeafClover and KestralKitsune of the MLPArena
*Points to dashboard* DA is where everything is at… blah blah


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