Tablety Goodness

So let me tell you a tale.

One day for her birthday many years ago, the artist recieved a Voilto 2 tablet from her brother. She was smitten with the tablet and started to use it. However, it fell into disuse afrer a while he got replaced with a big, a4 trust tablet.

So then one day the artist decided, several years on to attempt to hook up the Volitio 2 to her laptop. It was sucessful.

And now, I shall stop talking in third person as it makes me look like a twit…

So, bascially I now have my big old Trust tablet hooked up to the basement PC and my dinky little Wacom hooked up to my laptop. In theory this will mean I will be able to do more digital stuff as I don’t need to keep myself in the basement. I played around last night and coloured in a bit of one of my sketches that was saved to my laptop.

Worked pretty well no? I just need to probabaly fine tune Wacom. Although I don’t have as large of a work area (A4 going down to A6!) the wacom can make crisper lines, and I don’t get that weird jiggle going on that my other tablet gives me.

So yeah. Art wise it’s been pretty quiet, I’ve been busy working on assignments and waiting for them to come back hopefully with the grades I want so I can go onto my course for next year. My sketches have been few and far between and don’t even ask about doing digital art…


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