On the Edge

Sorry, couldn’t resist a bad pun filled wordpress title. I finished this today!

For those who are not familar with the subject this is Faith from Mirror’s Edge, doing well… what she does. Running, leaping and generally defying death in a city. I finished this game off a little while back, and it’s defiently worth a play! It’s visually stunning, an interesting plot and play style, although there were parts that took me to the brink of insanity. (Like that damned storm drain, and that damned scaffolding and that damned… well you get the point!)

I think the thing I loved most about this game was in fact the cutscenes, instead of being 3D or live action they are a 2D, cel shaded style. It’s so crisp looking and unique I was practically drooling over the screen. As you may know I am a complete nut for 2D animation so seeing it in a modern game made me very, very happy. So my fanart attempted to reflect the simple, clean colour scheme of the game.

/gamernerdartist rambling

Maybe I should have just said ‘this is fanart of Mirror’s edge, an awesome, unique game which I completed recentley and loved’


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