Finders are not Keepers…

Sorry, no art I haven’t been drawing much as of late as it’s been too hot to do so and I’ve been busy. But I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something.

It’s called copyright, and more specifically ‘copyright and the internet’ on DeviantART an artist I watch posted about that someone had used her art in a video on youtube, without being asked first. She stated that it was her work and that it was being used without permission…

Simple enough right?

Well, turns out someone posted ‘well, it’s on the internet so it’s automatically up for grabs’

no, just no.

I am in no way a lawyer but my general understanding of basic copyright is ‘it is copyright to the orginal creator, and is so until 50 years after their death or if the creator sells the copyright to another party’ which bascially mean an image is not ‘up for grabs’ even if it is posted on the internet, unless it is say on a stock site or if the artist states that it can be used.

Not to hard to understand right? No touchy unless the artist states so? Seems not as so many still seem to think that images on the internet are up for grabs.

If someone asked me ‘can I use this’ depending on what they wanted to do, it’s probable I’d say ‘yes you can, make sure though to credit me’, also if I said no it means no and that’s that, there’s no need to throw a ‘waaah they’re mean fit’ (yes I’ve seen this happen with another artist I know, someone threw a paddy as they were told ‘NO!’ over image useage)

I just wish people would understand this simple principle, finders are not keepers when it comes to images.


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