One Trade Down…

One to go. This is PirateNikki’s character Limelite, she was fun to draw and I decided to play around with a different shading technique.
Also, sketches
Kisan, this was drawn up for a Kingmaker roleplay I’m in, She’s a half elf rogue
One of my Transformer characters, Firebird with her staff weapon
Older sketch that I was going to colour and may do so. Mostly drawn for fun it’s my character Trent lording it up as the ‘king of the thieves’ kind of an updated version of this older image which I’d say I’ve defiently improved from. Yes, very much so.

Also, I saw Toy Story 3 last night finally. Simply put it is an amazing movie and defiently one worth watching. I can’t decide though wether Spanish Buzz or ‘Mr Tortilla Head’ was the funniest thing I’d seen in ages. It defiently has some rather tense moments and I do agree it is pretty dark at points but it’s so worth a watch. I’m actually feeling like doing some fanart for it.


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