Crayola Punk and other stuff

Alright, I wrestled with my scanner and have some newish art to show off… I’ve been playing around with using Crayola pencils again, I used to use coloured pencils all the time when I was younger and have recentley rediscovered how much I like using pencil.
‘Crayola Punk’

Last night I was feeling kind of cruddy so in order to cheer myself up I decided to draw a pony

This is a new ‘persona’ of mine, trying to work out a name for her she’s a secondary persona to my other one Clipper

Old sketch floating around of my fursona, Starry hopefully I’ll get around to colouring it.

Oh and I mailed out a pony to a friend of mine on the Arena, I included this as a present for him and decorated the envelope.

Aaaand finally I was tagged to do a ‘style meme’, my character Trent was my victim

That’s all folks,


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