Just Checking In

Okay, just time for this months ‘no really, I’m alive’ post.

I’ve been at college for  a few weeks so I’m still adjusting. Let’s see two days I finish late, one day I start late and I have two days off in the middle of the week. (seriously, what bright spark came up with that idea?) I’ve got various bits and bobs to be getting on with (oops, I should probably be doing them now)

My group is actually pretty nice this year, I’m with a lot of people who I was with either on the Intro course or my First Diploma and unlike last year there seems to be no gossipy nags. Although I’ve had a few facepalmy ‘why don’t you know that’ moments. Such as

What’s a Marsupial

The Czech Republic is near Jamacia

What’s adhesion mean?

Drawing wise, it’s been pretty slow these last few weeks, but I have some stuff to get up soon hopefully. I’m also getting ready to start work on my cosplay costume. (I’m going as a My Little Pony) my fabric’s arrived today so I can make my hat and gloves.

So yeah, that’s me done for now.


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