Just a Few Bits

Okay, so there’s a few pieces to show off for today…
First up, a trade with Sunnyrain of the MLPArena, this is her awesome little persona Green Tea, and yup I’ve defiently rediscovered my long lost love for Crayola pencils…
A random dragon that came to my paper during college, I’m planning on colouring him, eventually.

This is being worked on, this is two of my characters Trent and Jezania, the lyrics which you probably can’t read are from Cascada’s ‘Bad Boy’, now her music isn’t my usual style but I quite like her and this song seems to sum these two up pretty well.

Edit: Huh, turns out Jezania is a real name. All this time I thought I was being clever and made up a new name. It’s apparently Hebrew for ‘In God’s Hands’, the more you know!


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