Drawing the Days Away

Alright, so it seems that I’ve been doing more than my fair share of college break drawing. So time to show off methinks.
Random warrior, I think he could be a Final Fantasy type character
A mermaid
I don’t really draw kids but I ended up drawing this cute, ragamuffin
I wanted to draw a princess for some odd reason, yay for pretty dresses!
Lunchbreak yesterday caused me to draw this weird ridable beast
And another thing…
Sketch of NightmareMoon. She’s the villian from the new MLP cartoon, Friendship is Magic. The cartoon is worth watching and well she’s a villian but I like her. More ramblings can be found here: On my pony collecting blog

So that’s me done. I should now get back to my assignment work 7 posters on canine body systems, essays on animal welfare organisations and animal nursing stuff won’t write itself.


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