The Mare in the Moon

Finished it, this was quite fun to work on as it was pretty simple to get done so I got it done over two nights. Stars were done with a brush which is credited in one of my other posts. For those who don’t know this is NightmareMoon also known as the ‘mare in the moon’ who is the villian from the new My Little Pony cartoon called ‘Friendship is Magic’

I thought she looked pretty awesome so I decided to draw her. I do like the new cartoon, not just because I’m a toy collector but because it seems to be a decent modern cartoon. It has characters that have personalities, a decent sounding plot and no reptitive mind numbing stuff in there.

Mechanical pencil, photoshop CS2 and Wacom tablet
(Oh yeah and today I had my first and hopefully last on campus accident on my course, I’d got through my first diploma with no injuries but noooo I had to go and stack it on the slope outside the animal centre today during a game in my behaviour lectures, involving ‘prey stragergy’ ‘selfish herds’ and ‘lions chasing zebras’ what sucked even more was I was just pas the safe point before I fell, I’m fine just grazed up)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Doodlebug
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 00:09:37

    Wow! I like the stars in NMM’s mane!

    I wish I had a tablet…


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