So… Urm… Blah…

Yeah honestly I’ve not got much to say right now. As you may have noticed my ‘artings’ have slowed up a bit latley. I’ve been doodling a bit but I admit I’ve not made much stuff that’s ‘worth it’ right now. It’s annoying as I know I’ve got some stuff I need to do, namley character designing stuff and some other bits and bobs I want to do. And I have only one sketch request left for someone and yet it’s one that’s being a real pain the bum. That and I think my ‘style’ is changing a bit again so I’m kind of trying to see how that goes.

So yeah I admit creativley I need to kick myself up the backside atm. It’s annoying me a bit. Most of my time has been either at college, doing assignments. And I admit my XBox has been distracting me as of late. I’ve been replaying Dragon Age: Origins over the last few weeks and the fact that Dragon Age II is coming out this week won’t help matters.

So yeah that’s it. I need to motivate myself.


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