Need a Hand?


It was Sage’s mother that had encouraged her to go to the Celidah. Sage had to admit, the thought of spending a night there seemed more interesting than going out to Galway clubbing like most of her classmates seemed to do. That wasn’t really ‘her scene’.

Sage was enjoying herself, she found most of the dances pretty easy to pick up and things seemed to be going well…
Until. WHUMP.
Sage lost her footing and landed on the floor, rather gracefully she may add. ‘Boy, this is awkward’
“Need a hand?”
Sage looked up, to see Jamison standing in front of her with his hand outreached.
Trying to remain composed Sage took his hand to help her off the floor, “Seems, dancing isn’t one of my many talents”

Holy moly, it’s some art. And yet again another explanation for my tardiness. Basically, although I set out this summer with the intetnion of doing plenty of art it didn’t happen. I found myself in a pretty bad ‘funk’ through a good chunk of it and just couldn’t seem to get motivated to do anything.

This is an entry for an event on the Toradh-Ireland RPing group for their ‘Summer Celidah’ event. This is my character Sage and the guy is nadelkissen’s character Jamison. I managed to get this in one day after the orginal deadline, it would have been done sooner but the accursed art block hit me during the sketching stages.

I tried to use textures in my background, not quite sure if I doid it right. The sources are credited on my DeviantART Page as well as the credit for the partial pose reference I used.

So that’s me done, I won’t make any promises about when I will post next as I know I will most likley not live up to them.


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