The Doughnut Scoffer


Have you ever placed down a delicious treat such as a bag of doughnuts on the kitchen counter and then come back to find it missing? Once you have eliminated all suspects in the house including family pets you may have a Doughnut Scoffer present.

The doughnut scoffer is believed to be a type of Goblin although may other Goblin’s will deny relations to this creature.

It is a greedy creature with an insatiable appetite for sweet foods, their favoured one being the doughnut. They will seek out food left on kitchen counters, they are particularly drawn to ‘the last one’ and using their long arms will grab the food, they have extremely wide mouths and will try to eat their food whole.

They are also a rather violent fey, if you displease one it will most likely get it’s way into overhead cupboards and will attempt to throw things at you.

This is for a contest on DeviantART. Where we had to design an ‘unusual fair folk’ so I went with this.


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