So I’ve somewhat got my drawing groove back and have been exploiting it for all it’s worth. Not much else to say right now apart from college is finishing for Christmas this week and that I’ll be up to my eyeballs in assignments probably.
Anyway, you’re probably not hear to read me rambling, art it is! (and I just realised I missed off a sketch I wanted to chuck in, poop,)
Top row:
1. Older sketch I found hiding in my files, drawn Sept/October time, the idea was that the unicorn is gazing into water, ears came out weird
2. Sketch of my Hellboy character Emma for her ref sheet
3. Sketch of my Hellboy character Toby for his ref sheet, I realise that his arm came out wrong
4. Some sort of steampunk faerie, bent leg is probably wrong. D:
5. Random lunchtime sketch for a ‘full image’ make your own story up if you like!
6. Random lunchtime sketch, had an idea to draw a nymph emerging from a tree
7. Rubus, the blackberry nymph a character for Toradh. Let’s just say she’s not very nice and leave it at that. On the right is ‘Ruby’ which is her in her glamour form which is essentially how she appears to humans for the most part


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