In Hindsight

So looking back over the last year at my improvement (or lack of) I’ll say last year wasn’t the best for me art wise, it was pretty slow as evidenced by those three month sections with nothing in them. Chances are I doodled but I don’t think I have anything actually lying around I could use. I’d say I’ve improved in the later half of the year as it always seems to be but as to how much I am not sure.
Anyway onward to this year and lets see where I end up by this time next year.

I’ve finally started to crack out my copics that I got quite a while back and will show my results when I can get to the scanner. I’ve also spent most of last night doodling and seeing if I could draw in a semi-chibisish doodling style and the results aren’t too bad. I also got a new laptop for Christmas which was very unexpected but I’m going to still have to use the old, laggy one for photoshop until I can sort something out. (I need to crank that up so I can get working on some stuff, it’s been off most of last week)
This year I am going to aim at trying to do more ‘large’ pieces, try to work on my anatomy especially hands, blasted thing and attempt to draw more animals than just my usual horses and wolves. And just generally draw more.


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