Jan-Feb Sketchdump

So it would seem Janurary wasn’t a good art month. I didn’t seem to have much motivation to do anything, I blame the cold for that. But as an attempt to make up please accept this sketchdump of last months and the start of this months sketches. Now, for the explanations:

1. Random fire mage
2-3: Clipper and Skully for their reference sheets
4: Miyabi Namiko, character from me and my best friend’s Naruto project. She’s an antagonist, manipulative, uses water chakra and ‘dancing’
5. Starry for her ref sheet
6. Hayato Sora, another Naurto character. Quite skilled with poisons has a hawk
7. Some sort of weird giant mount
8. Some sort of strange armoured creature
9. Attempt at drawing an Orc
10. Some sort of wrym type dragon
11. Random mermaid I drew in class
12. Some sort of strange deer (I had intended to draw a unicorn but it went away from that)

I am now on a ‘Self Directed Study’ week from college, in theory I may actually be able to finish something in the next week. (or not) And with any luck I will have Photoshop and Illustrator on my new laptop soon. I found out about the Adobe student discount and so my oldest brother has brought it for me, I’ve scanned my ID and he’s added it in as proof so lets see how that goes.


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