Long Way From Home

1. Have you always lived here in Toradh, or have you moved here for cheaper rent? Show us your home city/town.
It had become a bit of a nightly ritual for Sage. She’d sit on her bed and pull out the photo album she’d brought with her from home. Mum had given it to her and told her ‘add more memories’ and she’d been doing that.
She’d added a photo of the Bookshop, some photos of the flat as she had been trying to decorate it, some of Murphy being well… a cat, the view from her window, a few shots of the village, the university…
Right now she was sitting crosslegged on her bed, Murphy curled up on the pillow her iPod playing AC/DC in the background, quiter than music like that should be played but she knew she had to be mindful of noise. She put in the photo, one of her work uniform and then as she did every night now it seemed she started at the front of the album.
The first picture to greet her was one of her mum and dad, in their younger days when they’d just eloped to the US together. Smiling she started to slowly flick through the pages, seeing photos from before she was born, her early childhood, school, her friends…
She stopped on one page and looked at the photo. It was from a few years back and she thought it was from a school trip, maybe it was, maybe it may have been from a family outing she wasn’t sure, she’d visited the area around Museum Campus quite a lot. It was a sunny day in the photo, with no clouds in the sky. She’d always thought it was one of the only good photos of her, but that was probably because whoever took it did so when she wasn’t actually looking at the camera…
She suddenly felt very alone in her flat, reaching out she lightly stroked the sleeping cat.
She was a very, very long way from home

Well, finally this is finished. In the end I decided not to shade this as it worked pretty well without shading. I quite like how the water turned out, not so sure about the trees and buildings are not my strong point. I aplogise profusley to anyone who is from Chicago who sees this as I know it’s highly likley I made a big goof up drawing your city.


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