Reference: Starry


 Reference: Starry

Not much to say. Just an updated reference for my mascot Starry. She’s one of my oldest characters I made her when I joined DeviantART seven years ago because I’d found out about ‘fursonas’ and wanted one.

For those interested:

  • The black spots on the leg and the ‘freckles’ are based off the fact I have freckles
  • The rainbow hair, when I made her I thought it would be so cool to have a rainbow hair streak I got told ‘NO!’ so Starry got one instead
  • The shoulder mark is based off a birthmark I have on my shoulder
  • Eyecolour= based off my own
  • Beaded hair, I worked that in as a reference to pirates it’s based of Jack Sparrow’s hair and the earring is for the same reason
  • Socks, I love knee high striped socks and often wear odd ones

You know, I may make some sort of ‘evolution of’ chart to show how she’s changed over the years. If I’m not mortified by the artwork I drew back then. 😛


In other news: I’m back at college Monday, my student discounted adobe order is apparently processing and I have a new scanner on the way.



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  1. 2BHK flats in bangalore
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 08:58:04

    nice and a very cute picture. I liked it.


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