Reference: Clipper and Skully


Here’s the first pieces of art created using my new software. They were inked in Illustrator everything else was done in Photoshop CS5. I much prefer using Illustrator for linework. I also love being ‘portable’ with my digital art unlike when I had my old laptop as I had to keep it plugged in constantly.
Anyway, here are the references for my two ‘ponysonas’
Clipper, is a rather shy and quiet pony with a very active imagination. She’s often daydreaming and often those daydreams involve pirates. She likes to write and read and is often found by the beach
Skully, loves rock music, she’s almost never without her headphones and is usually playing music from bands like the Rockin’ Beats, Manetallica or Iron Mareden. She loves darkly cute things, bats and loves to draw.


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