Taking a Break from Saving the Galaxy…

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated. Kind of dropped of the radar a bit. March seems to be a slow month, not much art being done at all. Oops.
Toradh related, this is for the first ‘rank objective’ for my nymph Rubus. Had to make an image showing them with ‘features of their natural form’ she’s a blackberry nymph. Decided to go for sort of a ‘throne’ look as it sort of fits her general personality. Used a reference by the awesome mizzid-stock on DA.

More mermaids, this started off as just a mermaid drawing and sort of evolved from there. Draw your own conclusions, this is probably another ‘big image’ thar will never be done…

And, my first ‘proper’ Dragon Age fanart. Had this scenario in mind for a while, the girl is my mage Warden Lef Amell, character to the right for those not familar is Alistair Theirin. Lef is the second playthrough character of mine and my second Alistair romance. (I romaced him thrice, what?) This is meant to be from before they were a ‘proper’ couple as it were, hence the general awkwardness.

In other news, I’ve been playing ME:3, but have been playing slowly (partly because I know about the rather unsatifatory ending, but that’s a topic for my other blog)  and decided to start a new DA:2 playthrough as a female warrior Hawke. I’m trying to play her more ‘agressivley’ than my others in terms of conversations. Not sure who she’ll end up romancing, I’ve done the inital flirting with Anders but who knows…

And… in another tidbit I have been attacked by the dreaded lurgy, started Thursday and has gotten worse. I’d best be better by Monday as I have a math exam (save meee) and a dog grooming practical where my best friend is potentially bringing in her dopey as anything Alsatian, Maddy. (a boy dog, his ‘proper’ name is Maddox) Who has been sort of rescued from neighbours. She may also end up arranging for her nutty as heck Border Collie (who may or may not be part lurcher) Lassie to come in too.

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