Reference: Emma


Hey look, a reference sheet. This has been ‘half done’ for a week or so so I finished it up. This is a Hellboy character I made up in… 08 I believe. She was resuced from an abandoned RP character and went from there. (not so sure what went on with her hair, wasn’t intending to make it so poofy)

If you want the full story click the link. Here’s a short version:

She’s a 17 year old technopath and somewhat omnilngual whose powers manifested when she was five. Been a ward of the state from a young age. Generally sulky, snippy, irritable and prefers to be on her own. Games a lot, skilled hacker and likes to read.

Did the maths exam, was pretty pointless 10 questions, answered them in 15 minutes and got given a picture of a ‘soup can’ and got asked ‘what is this shape?’ I know I was on a low level math paper but I’m not THAT stupid thank you very much.


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