WIP: Jezania

I’ve spent my day finishing the lineart on this. Taken a bit longer than I inteded especially around the face and hair. This will become yet another reference sheet for my generally pretty touch, no nonsese elf ‘mercenary’ Jezania.
I’ll need to do some manual cleanup in PS due to some rogue lines, I learned the hard way the eraser tool in Illustrator is a bit finicky in my first efforts with the programme.

(Also, no idea why the sword hilt went wonky, sure I’d fixed that)

I much prefer this programme for inking. I’m not the smoothest handed person out there and most of the time Illustrator smooths my lines out pretty well. Lines are really crisot which makes post colour clean up easy and I love being able to achieve consistancy with my lines so much easier. I also love being able to manipulate my lines by moving them around if they end up in the ‘wrong place’


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