Reference: Jezania


And it’s done.

Meet Jezania, or Jez for short.She’s and elf and she’s the disowned daughter of a high ranking merchant who wanted his daughter to marry ‘the right person’ to further elevate his social standing but that didn’t go to plan. Espeically with her running off at the age of 17 to become a ranger. After the rangers were disbanded she ended up taking up arms with a local mercenary group and finding she was petty damned good at it.

Generally stubborn, takes no crap from anyone, not above using physical means to get her point across and pretty ‘fierce’ at times.

She’s been around since my early DeviantART days. She was a character a ‘wild’ elf who featured in what was my attempt at some sort of fantasy epic that seemed to be Harry Potter meets LOTR (What I was like 10 when I came up with that) She got revamped, still as a wild elf and revamped again into something similar to what she is now. Maybe I should do a comparison thing.


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