Last Sketches of the Month

Okay, more sketches. Things have been ‘slow’ this week digital art wise having motivation issues again but Easter is coming up so who knows.
Two fan characters who have been stewing a while. Alessia and Enzo. Both Assassin’s Creed characters for the setting of Assassin’s Creed II to Revelations. Alessia is a 17 year old courier living in Venice who has been under the care of a benevelonent woman known as ‘Nonna’ who practically raised her. Nonna had dedicted her life to caring for the ‘unfourtantes’ in Venice. Enzo is the same age as Alessia and they have essentially grown up together, he is the son of a locksmith.
Still very much WIP, at least I have a clear time frame to work with.
Bit o random fantasy art, drawn in a lunchbreak but sort of took some elements from this when I was sketching it out. Not sure if the pose is completley physically possible, she’s supposed to be leaping/landing or something
More Toradh stuff, student rank objective 3 (number 2 is being worked on) which is essentially what your character does for a living. Sage has a part-time job working in a touristy type Cafe in Galway called the ‘Selkie Cafe’. Despite her expression in the image she does like working there, it’s just been a long sort of tiring shift.

That’s it.


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