Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.2: Home Sweet Home

2. Where do you stay? Have you found a business to work for part time while in school that lets you stay in the upstairs home, or maybe you can afford your own place. Maybe you are a child, and live at home while attending Toradh schools.
Sage stood in front of the shop, rucksack on her back and a wheeled suitcase in her hand. It hadn’t been too hard to find she’d come into Toradh via the bus and someone in one of the local pubs had directed her toward the bookshop. The bookshop seemed to be a typical ‘little shop’ and looked quite inviting. She walked to the open shop door and stuck her head in…
“Hello? I’m here about the flat?”

Another rank objective piece for Toradh for my eventual witch character Sage. This objective was to describe where they live, Sage lives above a second hand bookshop. The shop belongs to one of her mother’s friends from when her mother still lived in the area. (for those who don’t know Sage is 1/2 American 1/2 Irish. Her mother is Irish but eloped with a American guitarist)

Houses/buildings in general aren’t a strong point I need to practice methinks. Done from a pencil sketch in Photoshop.


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