Reference: Trent


Got another reference done. Yet again something where the original sketch has been around since Feburary. This is Trent, a character of mine who has been around since 2006 although he is quite a bit different from his original concept. He was ‘revamped’ in 2008 and then in 2009 which was pretty close to what he is now.

For a brief overview.

Trent was one of those children who despite their best efforts always seemed to get into trouble. Not wanting to fall into the same path as his father he joined the local chapter of the Rangers when he was 17. During his time in the rangers he had a realtionship with a fellow recruit, Jezania but it did not go so well. After being formally inducted after training the unit was disbanded. Trying not to fall in with ‘the wrong people’ he tried his best to stay away but soon out of desperation found himself falling in with the shadowy side of things.

Generally a rather cocky and slightly vain person. He has the gift of the gab and doesn’t seem to care much for anything other than himself.
EDIT: Seems in my interest in getting this uploaded I forgot to clean up a small bit of this image. Ooopsie


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