Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.3: Orientation Day

Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.3: Orientation Day
Sage walked onto the campus of NUI Galway slightly dazed at the sheer size of it. She wondered why as she was pretty sure that she’d been on college campuses before but something about this one really threw her off. She stared at the sheet of paper in her hands and even with the provided campus map she couldn’t really make heads or tails of where she needed to go.

She looked around, seeing if she could find someone to give her some help. She saw a girl, who she guessed was a bit older than she was with striped hair. Something ‘told’ her to talk to her she wasn’t sure what.

Sage walked over, rather gingerly, “Uh hello, I’m new could you maybe show me where I need to go?”
So, another Toradh rank objective. This one was to illsustrate what school your student character went to. Sage goes to NUI Galway the local university to the town of Toradh. I decided to go with illustrating her trying to find her way around the campus, remembering what it was like my first day of college. The character on the left is Maeve who belongs to ghillietoes42 who is a fellow student and an acquaintence/friend of my character.

So that’s it. Haven’t got anything to show for last week apart from this haven’t really been drawing. Ooops. Maybe this week will go a bit better. And in other news I’ve been trying to start writing again, got a few fanfic projects and an original fiction involving my characters Trent and Jezania, only downside is I keep going to bed post midnight.


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