Start of the Week

So this week isn’t off to a bad start. Three sketches from yesterday.
1. Is another rank objective for Sage. This is based around ‘what do you study’ Sage studies Zoology so the thought being that she’s gone out to do some sort of survey like ‘identify five species in the area’ when the goat, who is a pooka named Ferghus wanders over. Sage has met Ferghus before, last year during the Celidah event she got paired up with him at one point and she things the goat looks familaiar somehow.

2. Something a bit different. These two sketches are for part of a college assignment. We must create two posters about the restraint of zoo animals we had three animals to chose, Red Deer, Tiger and Ring Tailed Lemur, my second animal was a Lemur, but then in order to stop me ripping my hair out I realised I already had information on Deer restraint from another unit. These will be cut out and then added to the poster.

Okay, so that’s it. In other news I finally got to see the first two ‘Legend of Korra’ episodes. Looks good so far, I’ve watched The Last Airbender off and on, I never really caught it when it was properly on air but I liked what I saw of the show.


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