Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.4: Field Study

Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.4: Field Study
It was a simple enough assignment, find an area and observe and note down at least five species that you find in said area. It was a nice day today but she didn’t really want to risk getting caught out in bad weather just in case. She found a field, sat down resting against a tree, she went to open her bag and get her notebook when she was aware of something. A goat. She wasn’t sure where he came from, maybe he got out of one of the farms? The strange thing was he did look familiar. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he somehow reminded her of the man she’d met at the Celidah that had pulled her onto the stage. “Hello there Mr.Goat, it may seem weird but you look awfully familar”
One more piece and my first batch of ‘ranks’ for Toradh will be done. This one was based around what your character studied. Sage studies Zoology so I came up with the idea that she goes out to do some sort of survey and then bumps into Ferghus the goat. (Ferghus belongs to druid-ulises) who she had met before, in his human form during the Celidah. And if anyone is wondering, Sage has naturally curly hair she just straightens it quite often.

Decided to try something different with the background, mostly done with one of the default photoshop watercolour brushes apart from the tree. The tree was done with a technique I’d found ages ago but I had to do a lot of digging to find it again. (Thank you Wayback Machine!) I liked drawing Ferghus, never really drawn goats before.


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