Toradh: Sage Student Rank 1.5: Long Shift

Toeadh: Sage Student Rank 1.5: Long Shift
It seemed today that the cafe was pretty packed, she was fairly certain since she’d gotten off the bus this morning and gotten into there she hadn’t stopped. She’d lost count of how many times she’d gone back and forth.
The Selkie Cafe was mainly aimed at tourists to Galway but it had it’s fair share of locals and students from the university. Despite the ‘touristy’ nature and the general nautical theme it suprisingly wasn’t that tacky.
Sage made her way over to the table, tray on her hand when she suddenly saw a small child throw a glass of juice over a table, it was going to be a long shift.

So, I finally finished my last rank objective piece for my first rank of the Student objectives for Toradh-Ireland. This one is based around what your character does as a job. Not much else to say about this image really. I am glad though that I’ve finished these during the time I’ve had off from college, I should probably take a break from digital art and focus on a few assignments though over the weekend.
Pose reference: Senshistock


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