Toradh: Sleepless

Toradh: Sleepless
‘ I am not going to be late!’ Sage thought as she ran down the road. She didn’t care she’d been up late the past few nights finishing that stupid report. Nor did she care that she was essentially running on empty and hadn’t had a chance for breakfast this morning, nor did she care that the bus was late and that it’d had got stuck in traffic when she got into the city. She wasn’t going to be late.

Yup, another Toradh related piece to show off the new ‘ablity’ my character Sage gained, which is the ability of ‘Sleepless’. Not much else to say other than this took longer than I intended and I for some reason couldn’t draw Sage’s profile properly. :/ Not sure if they’ll be any more Toradh related stuff for a while, but with any luck I may be able to get Sage approved for her ‘witch’ ranks. Also, if this looks weird blame Photobucket. I had to make an edit to the image as I’d left some stray bits around and Photobucket is still displaying the old one.


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