Reference: Toby Lupino

Reference: Toby Lupino

Finished this last night finally. It’s been in my WIP pile since Feburary. This is a new updated reference for my Hellboy character Toby who is a werewolf. Like Emma, my technopath he’s designed to fit in with the move version of Hellboy more than the comics.  As a brief description: He grew up in a slightly off the grid area which was the home to a small pack of werewolves, he had his first transformation at 13 which left him with the ears and tail. His pack was attacked when he was 15 and he managed to escape with some other survivors from the attack. He was living rough when Emma found him badly injured and took him in. He’s generally pretty upbeat and calm, likes to drink tea and meditate. He can ‘see’ ectoplasmic trails, he’s very good at tracking and has really good eyesight and hearing.


Anyway Hellboy belongs to Mike Mignola, Toby is a fan character and just created for fun.


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