Back with Avengence

So, uh I sort of fell of the radar for a week or two. My bad I don’t know why but I sort of just has a week or two where I felt very… bleh and didn’t really want to do anything much. But enough, art time.


I started playing Baulders Gate a few weeks back, and made a half elf bard named Mel’Oh-Dee and well she’s somehow sort of wormed herself into my gang of misfits. Don’t know much about her apart from she’s chaotic neutral (read: do whatever the hell I want when I want), an elf on her father’s side, a bard and maybe connected to pirates. She sort of reminds me of Isabella from DA 2, which was not on purpose


Another character from the Naruto fanproject. Her name is Kaminari Toboe, and she’s ‘my character’ initally our characters were based of myself and my best friend and we’ve gone from there. She’s largley a taijustsu (hand to hand) user, and she’s supposed to look quite ‘solid’ in build and generally sturdy. For those interested her name translates into Howling Thunder. I would reveal more but that would be telling 😉


This is Kaida Sorami, she’s the sensei to our two main characters. She’s complicated to explain but is generally pretty tough and antisocial, she’s a taijustsu user as well. She’s supposed to be kind of muscley.
I’ve a piece to start that is overdue for Toradh, for the May Day Baskets event, hopefully that can be completed soon. The deadline has been extended twice and I feel so crud for not getting it done

Anyway, as of Monday I will say I’ve been severely Loki’d as of seeing the Avengers, I can’t help it it’s Tom Hiddleson’s adorable face that did it and that I just generally liked Loki as a fixture of mythology. I mean c’mon look, look at that face and resist it I dare you:

Anyway, this is not the place for the fangushing, its the other blog. But I will say Tom did an amazing job on this character, making a character that is just so perfectly twisted. You should see my Tumblr page right now it’s just full of Lokiness. I loved the whole movie and each Avenger does have their place in my fan listing, he’s just come out on top right now, tricky little god. 😉

I’ve also been venturing into some fanfiction again, Skyrim inspired after stumbling into some particuarly good works. I’ve been working on pieces based around my Nord character Branda Fire-Blade and her journey and relationship with Farkas, and a project based around a young imperial thief called Ferret who develops possibly unrequitted feelings for a certain red headed master thief. I’m having fun with them, these characters are just so different and it’s fun to get into their heads.

And that’s it, oh and I’m going to London Aquarium on Monday as part of a college trip, hopefully its a good one, maybe they’ll be some photos to show.


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