Toradh: Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can
It was quite early and Oisin didn’t really want to ‘meet the day’ just yet. He was quite content sleeping in his little ‘camp’ he had set up in part of the woodland.
So, when he heard the tinkling of a bell, he was rather suprised as he wasn’t expecting any vistors. Checking he was ‘decent’ before he stood up he walked out to the border, no one was there but then he noticed the basket. He smiled wondering on just why there was a mysterious basket of goodies in front of him. He then somewhere has a vauge recollection of the date. “Of course,” He said to no on in particular.
He was pretty sure he caught out of the corner of his eye someone running away and a faint… sparkliness that seemed to form a trial. So he started to follow it. At first he ran in his human form but then found his deer form was better suited, and maybe a bit stealthier for tracking down the mysterious gift giver.
After a while, he stopped and let her think that she had outrun him, quite calmly he switched back into his ‘normal’ self and found her. He put a hand on her shoulder before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, “Thank you,” He smiled.

So, I managed to get this done just before the deadline for Toradh’s May Day Baskets events. I would have had my piece done sooner but I kind of had a miniblock or something and just didn’t feel like doing much in the way of art. Anyway, Oisin got paired up with Shiory on deviantART’s character Briest.

No shading, I found the image worked well enough without it, and Illustrator was used for the background.
I did reference Briest’s pose: from here
That’s it…


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