Just Some Sketches (Or: I Really Suck at Titles)

Oh hey look, its  sketchytime. (remind me to never say  sketchytime in public it may get people confused)
For some reason my brain was telling me to make an Avengers fan character, so here she is. She’s still in the early stages. But her code name is Avani (not sure of her real name) she’s a shapeshifter and an ‘earth empath’ (essentially she can hear the earth, it’s hard to explain). She has red hair and she’s a bit unstable. Her costume/armour is meant to have a bit of an Asgardian influence.
Not quite sure what this is, some sort of undersea dragon? My thought it its mostly blind (hence the eyes) but uses the barbels to sense around and it’s biolumisencent to some extent
This is something I’ve been wanting to draw for a while (see at least a year), based of a rather awesome song called ‘Quoth the Raven’
I’m attacking ref sheets again, this is ‘Sparks’ she’s a character of mine who started off as a Treasure Planet fan character who was salvaged. She’s a rp character of mine designed to be somewhat ‘malleable’ so she can shift in and out of settings but essentially she’s a mechanic, she has blonde hair with red tips most of the time and is often quite absent minded.


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