Pirates and Ponies

You know the drill, new sketches.
This is Valentina Silver, she’s an older character of mine who was initally a POTC fan character but I decided to make her story her ‘own’ so she’s being revamped. Along with two other older character of mine. She’s a pirate captain, has a real fondness for jewelerry and other fine things
This is a new character, who will be in the same story as Tina, she’s an ice mage who comes from a desert like place. Generally pretty happy-go-lucky, likes to make her ice pink and sparkly
Something Toradh related, I need to to an initation piece for my character Sage so she can become a witch, this is the illusrtration for it showing her and her mother teaching her about witchcraft.
Couple of ponies, the top one Crash Landing was my brother’s idea, he’s a pegasus who is really, really, really bad at flying
Second one was something I doodled in connection to the Diamond Jubilee

That’s it. However, there may not be much digital art from me as it seems my tablet has finally decided after many long years of service that it’s had enough. The nib is super worn down so it doesn’t really make a mark on anything.


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