Breaking In the New Tablet…

Witch Initation
So there is a story connected to this but it’s really long winded. This is intended to be an initation piece for my potential witch Sage for Toradh. If you don’t want to read the big story this is based off a time where her mum took Sage out very early for a walk and came to a small patch of woodland. Her mum explained that certain people can ‘hear’ the earth so she encouraged Sage to try and this was essentially the start of her very basic witch education. The reason this character of mine came to Toradh was for the purpose of becoming a witch. I’m waiting for mod approval but hopefully I can start to embark on Sage’s witch journey.
This was done totally in Photoshop apart from the inital sketchwork which was on paper. This was a good piece to test the new tablet.
WIP time, this is the first rank objective piece for my Selkie, Muirin. This is based off what it was like the first time they shed their seal skin. I’m attempting to do a ‘proper’ background for the first time in quite a while. Eeep. I think if I have the chance one of my summer plans will be to do more background practice.


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