Toradh: Muirin Rank 1.1: Two-Legger

Muirin Rank 1.1
1. It is a very exciting day when a Selkie undergoes their first change and discover they can remove their skin for the first time. How was the first time you shed your skin?
He wasn’t really that sure if he wanted to do it, he knew he was a selkie and knew that since he was young but he… liked his seal skin. But, he had to do it didn’t he. He started to work his way out of his skin and then made himself stand up. It was… strange. He touched his head to find he had hair, he poked his nose, he felt cold without his seal skin to keep him warm. He looked at his hand, it was strange not having flippers
So it’s done, another piece for Toradh this one being the first rank objective for my selkie character Muirin. And look a piece with a proper background for once. Uh. nothing else to say really.


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