Still Kicking

Ooops I’ve been neglecting this blog o’ mine a bit (and my other blog) but never fear here’s some stuff.


Random drawing of a sad angel, and a sketch for Sage’s first witch objective (linked to what type of magic your character dabbles in, Sage does ‘animal magic’)


Kind of bad attempt at drawing Sebastian Vael, Fenris and Anders from Dragon Age. Not quite sure what happened to Anders D:


Sketch for a rank objective piece of Oisin, based off the idea of bumping into a fellow fae, the girl is Peaseblossom a wolf pooka who belongs to PookaWitch on deviantart. They sort of know each other.


Not quite sure what this is, some sort of troll like creature.

Other than that, since my last update I turned 20, got addicted to Dragon Age Ii again, been playing Darksiders like a thing posessed and college is nearly over.

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