I’m Back.

Okay, so I fell off the face of the eath again.
On the Arena I asked if anyone wanted an avatar, people complied and I should have finished these by now
Attempted to draw Queen Crysalis from MLP
What started out as ‘Firefly as a Wonderbolt’ turned into this
More stuff related to the Naruto fan project my friend and I have been devising for way too long. Just some sketches of my main character at pre-genin (about… 7) and early genin (11-12) and some other random scribbles like trying to work out a mechanism for her senbon gloves
Trying to draw Bolin and Lin Bei-Fong from Legend of Korra
I’ve been wanting to draw something for ages that shows off my character Jezania’s tattoos, but I sort of screwed up her sword hand.

Okay so, I finished college last week, haven’t honestly drawn since then. Feel a bit at a loss with myself not really knowing what I’m doing. I’m (unwillingly) signing up for Job Seekers Allowance on Monday. Job hunting isn’t looking good right now, I can’t seem to find anything I can actually apply for. Oh and I found out I might be at risk of Glaucoma, so I have to be screened for it in the near future (woo).

I need to sort something out and generally work out some sort of routine.


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