Avatar Requests

(As in forum avatars not anything related to airbending)
So a while back on the MLPArena I offered up five request slots of avatars as I had intended to do them as a ‘test batch’ as I had an idea about offering them as commissions.
However, they took longer than I intended due to various issues such as me finishing college, having an art block of doom, job hunting/signing on stresses.
But, I finally finished them and think they came out pretty well.

Hopefully, I will be more active on here soon.
Real life: Nothing yet, sorting out paperwork to get some volunteering at an animal centre, have four job applications on the go right now, suprisingly got a message saying I passed the ‘initial application’ for one of them in the job I thought I didn’t have much chance in so I have to fill in some sort of survey, and apparently I’m going on a ‘work placement’ at either a supermarket or a pub, (My feelings on the matter are a resounding uggggh)

I’m in a better state than last week.  So that’s something, just need to keep my head up and hope.



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