A Challenge of Sorts

Okay, still can’t really get to the scanner unless I move a rather large amount of stuff from my wardobe. But there will be art, soon!

So I’ve noticed a lot of ‘redraw’ memes around and sort of want to put my own spin on things. Most of these are ‘redraw the image’.

I’ve found a few really old drawings that I’d like to redraw but more in the sense of ‘redraw and refine the concept’ The two images are:

Warning for rather bad artwork. Circa 2010

The first one I’m actually thinking of involving in one of my projects, the second one is more ‘she looks cool’.
So it’ll be interesting to see where my character design skills and also my anatomy etc skills have come since 2010. I remembwe being rather proud of my ‘wolf warrior’.

Not much else to report, applying to what I can, got insta-rejected from a job. Went to apply for two supermarket jobs and they’d gone. Getting somewhere with the volunteering. Have to go on an ’employment skills’ course in Sept for two weeks, not sure what use they’d be to me, but they apparently have ‘connections’ but I don’t think a lot of them are much use to me.
Oh yeah, photos, they’re coming I just need to go through what I took and decide what ones I should upload, some involve ponies so they’ll be on my Other Blog


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