Toradh: Familiar Stranger

Toradh: Familiar Stranger
Sage still couldn’t quite believe she’d been here a year. This time last year she was standing in the church hall, not sure how to dance and at some point in the night was whisked onto the stage and then at a later point she fell over.
But, this year she knew some of the dances so maybe she wouldn’t fall over.
She turned around after being let go by her current partner, a tall blonde haired boy. So far, so good.
Standing next to her was a tall person, grey hair and dressed all in purple, he seemed familiar but saying that it was hard to tell when everyone was wearing masks.
She held out her hand, she didn’t even notice that he had extra fingers

So I managed to finish this a lot quicker than I thought I would.
My character Sage got paired up with Alphonse the posh, polydactyl, poodle pooka (try saying that ten times fast). I’m generally pretty pleased with how this came out, especially the background. I have one more of these to work on. I’ve done my usual ‘write notes on what needs fixing’ so hopefully that will be done soon.

But its kind of strange realising I had been on Toradh for a whole year, this is last years Celidah entry:

I think it’s safe to say I’ve come a bit of a way between those two images.


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