WIP: Celidah Piece Number Two

(Great title me…)
Second piece for the Celidah/Masqurade event at Toradh. This one my pooka Oisin got paired up with the student/werewolf Nasim. I didn’t feel like attacking the adjustments I needed to make to the sketch so I decided to do the background instead. This is before I put over the grey layer to generally make it look more ‘night timeish’
I need to track down the original reference for the poses mainly so I can correct the hands, Oisin might need to be made a bit taller and both of them will be brought closer to the foreground of the image.

Got some good news on the job hunt front.
I applied for a job at an electronics shop and I passed the ‘first stage’ of the application and didn’t think much of it, then Wednesday I go a call for a telphone interview, that went alright and then today I got another phone call and I’ve arranged an interview for next Thursday, hopefully it goes well. I did get another job application rejected today for a pizza resturant, although it was a generic email it at least had a reason, the reason was fair enough as they wanted someone with skills and experience closer to the job, which did seem fair since well I know nothing about waitressing, but saying that surely it wouldn’t take that long to train me for it?
Oh well, their loss I suppose.


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