Toradh: Something about You and a WIP

Of course Oisin would be there, what sort of silly question was that? He practically lived for parties and general merrymaking.

Although this was a bit more ‘upscale’ than anything he usually went to, but he was determined to have a good night. He didn’t recognise many of the people here, probably partly due to the masks and partly due to still being relativley new to the area. But he was sure he’d made some acquaintences by the end of the night.

The first dance started and he found himself standing next to a pretty girl, dressed in blue and white. He could catch a feeling that there was something a little bit different about her.
He liked different
Toradh: Something About You
So it got finished, yay. ‘Sleeping on it’ seemed the best cause of action as suddenly it was very easy to fix.
Not much else to say.
Oh and this too.
This is one of my redraw/revist challenge pieces I’m doing. I’m making a watch me draw vid of it but I’m going to have to edit the footage as there’s a few bits which are essentially me flailing around not knowing what the heck I am doing. XD
Anyway she’s a sea diety as is probably rather evident. If this goes to plan she’ll be ‘walking on water’ and there will be storm clouds.

All I know is I got to take a break from this, I’ve been pretty much welded to my desk all day and I think I was starting to get angry at my art again. O.o


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