The Sea Queen

The Sea Queen
Suddenly, it was very quiet. An eerie stillness came over the ocean. The clouds started to part and it was sworn that a figure could be seen taking shape, from the very sea and sky itself. The figure was that of a woman, dressed in the colours of the ocean and with hair like a wave. She seemed to glide over the water, not causing a ripple yet somehow the sea was brighter wherever she walked…
Eyewitness Account of a Salior

It’s done. Yay!
So here is ‘The Sea Queen’ I’m still generally roughing out details but the most obvious one is that she is a sea deity.
I need to work more on water and clouds but I generally like how this turned out. A comparison thing is in the works for comparing this to the original sketch it was based off.
But here, have the original sketch of this version as I don’t think I uploaded it

Not much more to say, had my job interview. It went better than I thought but I won’t know my results until two/three weeks from now after they’ve done interviewing. But hey, maybe I’ll get lucky. Just need to wait and see.

Also saw Brave, thought it was pretty awesome go here for my more detailed review: Change Your Fate


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