In Case of Difficulties Please Reset Your Artist to Factory Settings

So as you may have noticed it’s been a bit dead here. Again.
Honestly, I haven’t drawn at all lately.
I’ve not been in the best state mentally, and last week it felt like all the minor fustrations I’ve been dealing with kind of tried to topple me and I just wasn’t feeling too good.

Still unemployed, still applying for jobs, the job I had an interview for I didn’t get. I wonder what half of these jobs want from people when many of the ones I’m chasing are rather low level stuff.

I’ve been feeling to fustrated to draw but then at the same time not drawing it making me feel fustrated. So it’s a bit of a catch 22 there. I feel like a lot of motivation has sort of gone as of late, I’ve been writing some little fanfic drabbles which I posted on Tumblr so that’s something.
Have to attend an ‘interview’ for this ‘work placement’ this week, if I get the chance I might just come straight out with that I don’t want it, especially since I’m volunteering somewhere else and that’s of more benefit to me.

Regretting not staying on at college, but then I don’t know if that’s because I’ve got nothing to do or if I actually want to go back. Not sure if I can really spend another 2-3 years studying.

Bare with me, I’ll get back to ‘normal’ soon.


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