I’m actually honestly ‘rebooting’ myself in the sense I’m drawing again. I picked up two art trades with people on the MLPArena. One piece is pretty much completed sketch wise once I finish up a detail and I do have a rough composition in mind for the second one.

I think things are going better now. Had this ‘interview’ which apparently won’t conflict with my volunteering if I get on said placement. However I’m expected to sit on a till for 30 hours a week for four weeks with the chance you ‘might’ get hired. Bull frankly, if they were planning on hiring someone I’m pretty sure they would just do so rather than a ‘work placement’ oh and also I had to register for the placement online, the job centre only told me that the day before the interview and the placement honestly wasn’t easy to find at all I had to go through a 3rd party search engine to track the placement down.
I’m signing on today, so looking forward to that.

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