Small Signs of Life

Okay so here’s the sketches for the two trades I’ve picked up.
This is a pony named Sunset, I decided to go with some sort of ‘running out of the frame’ idea. Ideally this will look like a desert background wise
This one I was asked about drawing a kitsune, I’ve never really had a chance to draw them. They’re going to hopefully look like a ‘cross fox’ when coloured in. Drawing the temple was interesting, it’s based off a real temple I found via google.

That’s it.
Not much change job wise although the Job Centre decided I have to see my advisor on Monday morning which means I had to switch what day I am volunteering oh and now I’m apparently signing on every week instead of every two. Not cool.
Oh and they made me try and apply for a job that doesn’t exist. I was told to apply for an ‘apprenticeship’ job that nets you a NVQ level 2 in ‘customer service’ (yeah because I studied animal care for four years to do that) with a charity, I go to the link check things out and there’s no local vacancies for that role, I went into my local branch of that charity and apparently ‘we don’t do that!’
Nice going.


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